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March 3, 2013
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"Karkles, I can explain!" The voices of Terezi and Karkat floated up to you from your vent. Grumbling, you rubbed her tired eyes and sat back from your homework, standing and stretching. Every bone in your body cracked from being stioll too long. "Just get the fuck away from me!!!" Karkat shouted at her, stomping up the stairs that held the part of your respiteblock that you all shared. You and many other trolls. "Bro, chill. You don't motherfuckin' understand!"

You yawnedd and opened your door, looking out to see a very angry Karkat, his face burning red. He looked like he was almost in tears as he stormed down the hall. Terezi blindly followed, half dressed, with a concerned Gamzee following her, shirtless. You stared in disgust. Either matesprits or kismesis'. Greeeeaaaattt.

Sighing, you walked out before Karkat passed you and stopped him. "What. The fuck. Happened?" He looked up at you, rage and hurt burning in his eyes. You were honestly only a couple inches taller than him... "Move, (Name). NOW!" You stood there stubbornly until he finally pushed you aside, running the rest of the way to his room and slamming the door. "(Name?)" Terezi sniffed the air, her glasses thrown on hastily, at a crooked angle. "Get away from me, you guys fucking disgust me!"

You shouted at them and ran after Karkat. He had a flush crush on Terezi for quite some time, and finding out she was in a quadrant with Gamzee, his morail, probably pissed him off. A lot. Terezi sighed and glared at Gamzee. "This is your fault!" He looked at her with fake hurt in his voice. "C'mon sis, don't be like that." His evil smirk rested on his face as she slapped him and then pulled him into her room. 'Ew' you thought.

You turned your attention back to Karkat. "Karkat, open up." Your soft knock made the small troll jump. "F-fuck. G-go away (N-name)..." The pain was almost unbearable in his voice. You tried to doorknob, finding that it was unlocked. After a hiccup from him, you walked in and saw his shaking form in the corner of his room. Tears streamed down his cheeks in the darkness and his face was buried in his arms.

You walked over and sat next to him, pulling him into a comforting hug. He greedily clutched onto you like a little grub. Your (b/c) blush burned on your cheeks as he cried into your chest. You rubbed his back and held onto him tightly, afraid if you let go you might loose him. And like that you two sat, with you whispering soothing words to him, and him pouring out all his greif onto your shirt. Your shirt would most definatly be stained with redish tinted tears after this.

"Karkat..." You sighed and petted his head, threading your fingers through his raven black hair. "It's going to be okay... Just calm down..." Soon after that, you heard soft snores coming from him. You picked him up, his small body easily lifted, and set him in his recuperacoon. As you tried to leave, however, he grabbed your wrist and frowned, his eys still closed. "Mm... stay with me..." It wasn't an offer or question. You glanced down at your clothes, sighing. You have more.... and these were already stained. Carefully, as though not to disturb him, you sunk down into the sopor slime next to him. He clutched back onto you, purring deep in his chest.


Sopor slime covered you. You breathed it in, smiling. It relaxed you... But you didn't dare drink it. You know the consequences of that. You thought you were in your own recuperacoon when a small nudge on your hip startled you. Karkat snuggled into you, sleeping soundly. The events of last night flooded back to you, suffocating you. You wanted so badly to strangle those two for doing this to Karkat. You gently pushed to the surface of the recuperacoon and took a big gulp of air. Sopor slime dripped from your hair and onto your nose. 'Ugh, I need a shower...' You mentally sighed and decided you would deal with those two later.

"(Name...?)" Karkat had pused up next to you and yawned, wiping sopor slime form his face. You gently took his hand and smiled. "I need to go take a shower, please stay here until I get out?" He groaned. "Now you're talking to me like i'm a child. (Name), I think I can get out of my recuperacoon by myself. I don't need a fucking babysitter." You took a breath to say something but soft lips meeting your own stopped you. You froze, looking at Karkat kissing you before you kissed back. Finally, you pulled away and stared at him.

"W-what was that for?" He smirked. "To prove to you i'm not a fucking grub anymore, I can handle myself... But, uh, thanks for last night..." He looked away from you, his eyes going distant. That made your heart break. You pulled him into a tight hug, sopor slime squishing between you. "Be quiet, i'll deal with it." You shooshpapped him once and kissed his bright red cheeks before smiling at him. "I'm going to go take a shower, kay?" He grumbled his 'okay' and stood up out of his purple recuperacoon. You followed him, but walked to his door, instead of his shower, where he was going. "(Name)?" You looked back and slime flung off your hair onto his door. "Can you... take a shower with me?" His blush intensified as he stammered out his request. You cheeks flared up and you nodded, walking with him to his shower.


After your shower, you two sat together watching shitty romcoms the whole day, laughing and joking aorund, forgetting the whole world around you. Even forgetting the heartbreak Terezi and Gamzee had caused him. You two snuggled on the couch that John insisted he got, for when he came over to watch Con Air, which you thought was really stupid, but you would never tell him or Karkat that. It might hurt their feelings. So you struggled through the stupid romance movies and sprawled across Karkat's lap.

"Hey, (Name)?" Karkat tore your eyes from the screen to himself. And the movie was just finally getting good! You sighed and looked up into his eyes, seeing an emotion you had never seen in him before. Passion. "Y-yeah?" You stammered, trying to understand this new Karkat. "I'd like to say... thank you for being there for me when my friends weren't. Instead they were have sex in the basement." His voice hardened as he laughed mechanically. "Anyways, um, I want you to know... that i'm, uh..." "Karkat, spit it out. You're starting to sound like Tavros." You said impaitently. "Fine! I'm.... flushed for you (Name)..."

Your heart beat a thousand miles an hour as he stared into your eyes with that new emotion. "I'm flushed for you too, Karkat..." His face relaxed and the tense was released from his whole body in one big sigh. He was relieved you said that, and he couldn't take being rejected again. "Thank gog..." He mumbled and kissed you roughly, eagerly. This sloppy makeout session went on until a pounding on the door made you both jump, even yourself squeak.

"Kk! We need to talk! Dude, open the fucking door!! I'm theriouth!" You both groaned, recognizing the lisp. "Sollux, go away! I'm fucking busy!" Karkat yelled at the door. Sollux pounded on the door again. "There's a handle, you know..." You said when you finally stood up and opened the door for him, almost getting smacked in the face. Almost. "Oh... hey (Name)... I didn't know you were here... thorry, I can go if you want me to." You looked back at Karkat, leaning back on the couch. "No, come on in, I guess." You sighed and moved out of his way.

"What the fuck do you need, Captor?" Karkat growled, his face still flushed from your earlier makeout. "I need you to try out a new program I made." "That's fucking all?!" Karkat shouted at him, growling. "Kk, chill. You weren't on pethterchum tho I dethided to wait for a while, but you never came on... tho I came over here to find you. You okay?" "Perfect. My morail is with my ex matesprit in a black quadrant, but you know, i'm fucking fabulous." Sollux gave you a confused look as you sat on Karkat's lap, poking him in the chest. "So would you say that you're... Vantastic?" Sollux snickered at your joke and smirked at Karkat's annoyed face. "Shut up.” You giggled and kissed his cheek. “That was cheesy...”

“Captor, you still haven’t fucking explained what this damn program was.” Karkat rolled his eyes as you eyed his horns. They were so... touchable... Sollux watched you getting closer to touching Karkat’s horns and shivered in anticipation. “Hey, Alternia to douchebag prick. You there, Captor?” He waved a hand in front of Sollux’s face and Sollux snapped back to his usual douchebagginess.

I guess it's time to start describing the way you feel towards to two... Karkat and you had been... hate friends? I guess you could call it that... Well, ever since Terezi had rejected him from being her Matesprit. You comforted him when he needed it, and kept him company when he was lonely. In return, he did the same for you.

Sollux on the other hand, you two had been friends since you were grubs. His bi-colored eyes facsinated you highly, and you followed him around everywhere. You're lusus' could barely keep you apart. He was your best friend since grubhood. You had always been attracted to both of them, they are both really cute in your opinion.

Karkat had a small, innocent, self hidden in all of his rage and leader shit that only you could bring out. Sollux was a bipolar, snarky, rude hacker who could be really thoughtful at times and actually be caring, though rarely. You had never thought of being anything more than friends in the real world, on Alternia... But in your imagination, things went a lot farther than, 'just friends'...

You smiled to yourself at this and looked over at Sollux, who was leaning against Karkat's shoulder and playing with a strand of your hair. "What are you even doing?" You watched his face and hands, seeing the slightest of sparks emanating from them. "Playing with your hair." He responded blandly, like it was nothing important, but you knew this troll, the oh-so-tough hacker. The all mighty one who kept his emotions hidden behind his 3D glasses.

"(Name)?" Karkat adjusted you on his lap so you were sitting between the two. Karkat looked over your slouched figure, to Sollux, who nodded back and twined his fingers through the mutant troll's, without you even knowing. They had secretly been in a realationship with eachother, a Kismesis quadrant, over you. They would have hate sex every now and then after you would do something affectionate towards the other. It enraged them. They both wanted you, but to have you, they would need to want each other. You snuggled into Karkat, his smirk and blush making him beam, but them you took hold of Sollux's free hand and twined your fingers together as you watched Karkat's stupid movies. After a while... You started.... To drift... off... to... sleep........... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Omg /dies

just no

You belong to :iconkarkatvantasplz: & :iconsolluxcaptorplz:

Sollux & Karkat belong to :iconandrewhussieplz:

So you also belong to Hussie
Deal with it

Hussie also owns Gamzee and Terezi

Part 2: raisedfromperdition2.deviantar…
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